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PINK EDITION Last piece available. The Magic Is On dress - variable, upcycled and ethical.

Welcome to my story.

Make It Happen Circle Dress

We believe you deserve to know the story behind your new ADVA product. Because you too are part of his story.

You can use this page at any time, you want to enter our ADVA world and find out or remind yourself how to take care of your new product, what is hidden behind its creation or what to do when you want to say goodbye to it.

#I'm wearing BOTH

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transparency is an integral part of a sustainable future


The Make It Happen dress was designed in our previous studio in London, it was part of our 2019 collection. Read where it comes from and how the material it is made of is processed.

The cotton fiber, as well as the entire production and final fabric, are GOTS certified. This means that seed cotton can be grown alongside food crops. The cotton does not contain GMOs and is not treated with any dangerous chemicals or pesticides. The soil is treated and water is saved. Cotton plantations are located in Turkey in the Izmir region.

The production process of the fabric is GOTS certified as well as its cultivation. This ensures that all hazardous chemicals are banned and all waste water is treated. Factories are regularly inspected to ensure ethical standards are met. All chemicals used must meet strict standards and be biodegradable. The fabric is processed in Portugal.

The resulting fabric does not contain harmful and toxic chemicals, carcinogens, etc. This means that it is safe for your skin and for the seamstresses who sew your clothes. Our supplier comes from Germany.

Thread origin


Fabric production


Design and Production

Great Britain


"We believe that the future of the fashion industry is circularity. And we are aware that as a brand we are responsible for making our steps towards circularity - to a system where products and materials are completely used. Through transparency and passing on information to you, our customers, we try to constantly improve and get closer to our dream goals."

Find out more below about how you can join us and contribute to the circularity of your favorite piece.

Product care

Gentle washing

Wash in cold water, max 30 degrees.

Do not bleach

Never use bleach.


Do not use a dryer. Air dry.


Iron on medium heat. Ideally use a steam iron.

end of life


There are several options to extend the life of the product. In addition to gentle care, you can resell the product, exchange it with your partner or resell it.

If the product is in a condition where this is no longer possible, please recycle it. The most ideal way to do this is to cut the garment into narrow strips and take it to a local recycling center. In the case of GOTS certification, it is also possible to use your own home compost.

If you don't know what to do, write to us at and we will advise you.


The product contains:

What is included in the product?

For proper recycling at the end of a product's life, it is important to know exactly what it contains and what it is made of.