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PLANTING THE FUTURE We plant 1 tree for every product we sell.

Keep Calm Loungewear

The story behind. From seed to garment.


Because the story matters.

We believe that you deserve to know the story behind your ADVA piece because, in the end, you are the one who creates its story with us. #wearingADVA

Fiber Origin

The cotton fiber, as well as the whole production and the final fabric is GOTS certified. 

This means that the fibers grow alongside food. The cotton is GMO free and it is not treted by any hazardous chemicals or pesticides. 

Soil is nurtured and water is saved. 

Fiber OriginIzmir, Turkey

Textile Manufacturing

The process of ginning, spinning and dyeing is GOTS certified as well. 

That means that all hazardous chemicals are prohibited and all waste water is treated. Factories are visited regularly, so ethicall standarts are met. All chemicals use must meet strict standarts and must be biodegradable. 


Fabric Origin & Our Supplier

The final fabric is free of hazardous & toxic chemicals, carcinogens etc. This means that it is safe for your skin and for the makers sewing your clothing.  

Our Supplier: Organic Textile Company, UK and also from Netherlands and Germany

Design Process

Each of the ADVA pieces is designed in our London studio. The entire process, first thoughts, mood boards and samples, take place in there. 

Our studio runs on renewable energy, to minimise the environamental impact.

Garment Assembly

Our garments are ethically made in the UK and the Czech Republic. We personally know each of our seamstresses and we visit them regularly.

To see where exactly and who made your pieces, have a look at your garment card that came with your order.

Your Story

This is where our story pauses and your begins. You are now part of your garment's story. 

Create it & share it with us. Tagged us on IG @advastudios or use #wearingADVA

End of Life

Here is where the story ends. Please donate the it, share it, swap it with your friends. When the condition do not allow it, recycle it. 

Not sure how? See our recycling scheme.

Recycling Scheme

How to compose of it?

The loungewear can be composted or recycled. We source from nature and our garments go back to nature

If you'd like to recycle it, contact us and we'll take it back and do it for you. 

Otherwise, cut the hoodie and pants (remove the elastic) into strips and bring it to your local center to be commercially composted or composted at home (it is GOTS certified).

What's inside the Keep Calm Loungewear and how to take care of it.


100% GOTS certified cotton jersey

100% GOTS certified cotton threads


Wash in cold water using environamentally friendly detergant. (Do not overwash, wash with love).

Always air dry. Do not use drying machines. 

Iron on medium temperatures. Or steam it. 

TIP: use steam that comes from taking a shower. Believe us it does the job (and you'll save energy).

Do not bleach. In any case.


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