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Transparent brand.

We believe that transparency is the first key step towards a sustainable future. By sharing our supply chain and other information behind the brand, we can be held accountable for our decisions and actions, just as all brands should be held accountable.


QR code

Thanks to new technologies, we can directly share the story of our products with you. Each of our pieces has its own QR code. The QR code is listed on our ADVA card included with your order. After scanning the code, you will get to know the story of the product. We share all possible information at our disposal. Where the crop grew, where the fabric was made or where and who sewed the piece.

You can also find the product story on the product page on our website.

hnede slozene kalhoty od urzitelne znacky ADVA

enter the story of your product

scan the QR code to learn more

Our supply chain

Responsibility and transparency accompany our brand in everything we do. We have created an easier way for you to navigate ADVA products. Each of our products has certain sustainable properties that define its origin, the material from which it is made , but the production is also reflected in how we approach the fashion industry.


Restoring and maintaining balance in nature. Fibers that come from farms and plantations that meet the conditions of regenerative farming.


Upcycled products are created from fabric remnants or scraps from our production, thereby contributing to reducing waste and giving materials new life and function.

European thread

The products are made from materials whose raw material comes from Europe, such as our linen or Tencel, which ensures shorter supply chains and a lower carbon footprint.

No mulesing

Mule pulling is a cruel method of removing fly-infested sheepskin. We buy sheep's wool only from organic farms, where good animal conditions are taken care of.

Woven in the Czech Republic

Material with a Czech trace. Fabrics that were woven locally in the Czech Republic from organically certified fibers. We thus reduce the carbon footprint and support the local market.

Responsible source

The raw material for our Tencel Lyocell and Refibra, where the raw materials come from certified forests, as opposed to conventional viscose sources, ensuring sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Undyed fiber

Natural material. Undyed fabrics are without the use of toxic chemicals, they retain their natural color and unique structure. Better for your skin, the environment.


Organic certification ensures that the fibers we work with are organic, unmodified, without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals, and save natural resources.


Materials that contain a proportion of recycled materials. Refibra contains cotton residues from production, which reduces waste and promotes a circular economy.

Fully searchable

From seed, farm and production to the final product. These products provide a full view of the entire production process and ensure maximum and radical transparency.

ethically produced

the ethics and locality of our production go hand in hand with sustainability and transparency

Where we manufacture

Our production

Our products are produced locally in the Czech Republic.

Until 2022, we produced in London, United Kingdom.


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