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The Studio Diary 01: Inspiration

Módní návrhář v práci při studiu a navrhování nové kolekce

In the new Studio Diary series, our creative director Aneta shares with you her process of creating a collection from the initial concept, through design, to the final product.  

The role of a designer has changed in recent years, it's no longer just about creating beautiful, aesthetic and creative products, but part of creative work is being sustainable. How do new products fit into the system, what is their capability to be recycled or regenerated, so that they can be reused within the circular system. 

"When I'm looking for inspiration for a new collection, I have to consider a lot of factors - sustainability, circularity, timelessness as well as product longevity. For some people that might be limiting, for me, it's in some ways liberating and often more creative."

The creative direction and inspiration for the new collection are the materials around us, their texture, softness, movement and lightness. ADVA's signature elements, such as simplicity, cleanliness of silhouettes and delicate femininity are also interwoven. 

This new collection is the epitome of slow fashion - it will be released exactly 12 months after the first designs and moodboards. It's also almost six years since the brand's launch, and the first time it has been created entirely in the Czech Republic, and mainly in Prague. It's also the first glimpse that hints at the new ADVA story. 

"Over the last year, there have been a lot of unplanned changes, but those have moved me forward in both my personal and professional life. With the unwanted hiatus that occurred for me this year, I have had the unique opportunity to reflect not only on my life, but also on what ADVA should look like and where it should go when I return to work. And all of that is reflected in the new pieces in this collection." 

Lightness of being, tenderness, timelessness, feminine sensuality, infinity and the sound of the ocean in the distance. The colour palette of the new collection was simple - off-white, ecru, natural, warm sand and classic black. Neutral, never ageing and always having a place in your capsule wardrobe. 

"Before I create a new collection, I always start with a moodboard where I try to translate my initial inspirational idea into a more concrete form, using textures and things that inspire me. I also gradually start to create and specify the colour scheme of the collection. The next step is to search for the available materials that meet both the creative vision of the collection as well as the sustainable values on which ADVA is based."

“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.”


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