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NEW DROP IS HERE Discover the Beyond Ordinary Coat in a new irresistible color.

Studio Diary 04: AW23 Backstage

obrázek kolekce ADVA Studios

The new autumn/winter collection takes us into the sensual world of chocolate. The collection continues the female themes that have accompanied us throughout the brand's existence. The last collection discussed the fragility and lightness of being in our female life. In the new AW23, the contrast of sinfulness and seduction blends with tenderness.

"Each of us has many flavors in us; we are not only milky or bitter. That is why chocolate has become a metaphor for this collection. It is a sweet sinfulness that we all love, but we cannot consume it every day, because the joy of it is short-lived. However, sinfulness in the ADVA style, we can treat ourselves to a piece every day and the pleasure from it will last a long time," says Aneta about the new collection.

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at how our new sustainable collection came to be.

In the new products you will find ADVA best-sellers such as the Good Things Coming midi dress in the new chocolate brown color or the A Fresh Start wide trousers . And lots of new designs that are made from regenerative materials - like wool from German farms or organic cotton woven locally in the Czech Republic.

The fashion paradox is that when it is still cold outside, the spring and summer collections are photographed, and when it is extremely hot outside, the autumn and winter collections are photographed. We photographed the new AW23 in August in extreme heat. Fortunately, we managed everything in good health and the result is worth it.

"We took photos in the studio in Holešovice on Sunday, when it was an extreme 35 degrees. The studio did not have air conditioning and not a single leaf moved outside. I am incredibly grateful to the entire team for making it happen and to our model Tina, who managed to survive in that incredible stifling a woolen suit and coat." adds Aneta.


Design: Aneta Minarik Pruskova
Photo: Kamila Šíbalová
Model: Kristina Barnet
Make-up: Nikol Pankova
Social Media: Daniela Halova


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