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Studio Diary 05: Upcycling and Deadstock Collection

Studio Diary 05: Upcyklace a Deadstock kolekce

Sustainable fashion, a concept under which everyone imagines something different. For us at ADVA, it is a philosophy, but also the importance of maximum use of every resource. We are excited to reveal the news to you. In the coming weeks, you can look forward to special unique pieces created from our deadstock materials or upcycling pieces from past collections.

Last year we officially moved from London to Prague. At the same time, we ended cooperation with shops in the UK, which resulted in us suddenly having a large stock of old pieces. While some of these pieces found a new home through our outlet, a few dozen mostly large sizes remained unsold. The outlet no longer made sense to us, and we wondered what to do with the remaining products. And then the idea came - we could upcycle them, breathe new life into them and create new ADVA pieces.

The creative process of upcycling

Upcycling itself is a process that comes with a lot of challenges. It was no different for us. We first had to carefully dissect all the remaining products and consider how to maximize the potential of each piece of fabric and cut. We found inspiration in our best-sellers or in the fashion icons we love. But we still remained faithful to the timeless and minimalist aesthetic .

Among the products we have upcycled are, for example, the Make it Happen dress in pink or the Power Wrap Style dress. We were able to use one dress and create three new pieces from it. One piece is more playful, another celebrates minimalism.

Deadstock materials and back to basics

In addition to upcycled products, we also processed our deadstock stock as part of the news. A few meters left over from the fabrics we have had in our collections over the years. These include Tencel, bamboo jersey (one of the first materials we worked with 7 years ago), organic cotton interlock or rib. The range of deadstock materials ranges from pink to white to black.

Limited Edition

Since the new pieces are from deadstock materials or upcycled, each style will only be available in limited quantities . This is also the uniqueness of the collection, we tried to create something truly unique from what we already have.

"Upcycling old collections and using our deadstock materials is a natural step forward for us at ADVA. We are constantly looking for ways to be more sustainable, more responsible, and at the same time more and more creative." Aneta

In the following weeks, we will gradually introduce new pieces. And we'll start right away with our best-seller in irresistible pink. Follow us on our Instagram , where we will present individual pieces. Orders will be possible through our e-shop. Give sustainable fashion a second chance.


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