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Conventional cotton vs. Organic Cotton: Why Choose Organic Fashion

rozdil mezi konveční a organickou bavlnou, detail mikiny z organické bavlny v přírodě

Knowing the materials that your clothes are made of and that you wear all day long is extremely important. It is essential for us to inform you about the materials we work with so that you can make the best possible decision when purchasing. In today's article, we will focus more on why to prefer organic cotton over the classic conventional one . And why it is better not only for you as a customer, but also for the environment.

Conventional cotton

Cotton is currently the most used natural material among all materials, second only to synthetic polyester. By cotton, often also called conventional cotton, we mean the kind that is grown using the classic agricultural method - it is therefore heavily dependent on pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and is genetically modified .

Pesticides and toxic chemicals that are often used in the cultivation and processing of conventional cotton end up uncontrolled in the soil, waterways, air and affect the health of the people who grow and subsequently process it. At the same time, it can often affect the health of those of us who wear conventional cotton products.

What are the worst problems associated with growing cotton?
  • Excessive use of pesticides
  • High water consumption
  • Soil degradation
  • Chemical fertilizers
  • GMO - most are genetically modified
  • Social impacts - harm to human health and child and forced labour
  • Energy-intensive processing

Organic cotton

Certified organic organic cotton, key to sustainable fashion, covers less than one percent of all cotton production today. Unlike classic cotton, organic cotton uses gentle agricultural methods. And techniques are used that try to reduce the impact of cultivation on the environment .

Organic cotton cultivation limits or completely prohibits the use of synthetic chemicals and tries to use natural methods, which include, for example, crop rotation. If the organic cotton is GOTS certified (we at ADVA only work with GOTS certified cotton) it means that the social aspect is also taken care of. And that's fair pay, fair and healthy working conditions and health and safety standards.

organic cotton, organic cotton

Why choose organic organic cotton?

A healthier ecosystem

Organic cotton cultivation supports biodiversity, protects the soil and is in harmony with nature.

Elimination of toxic substances

No toxic substances are used in its cultivation. Certified organic cotton is therefore much safer for farmers and the people who later process the cotton in factories.

Safer for human health

Organic cotton products are hypoallergenic, contain no toxic chemicals and are a much better alternative for your skin. Especially for those who are sensitive or for your little ones.

Climate change mitigation

The correct cultivation of organic cotton can help in the fight against climate change, especially when it comes to regenerative farming. Healthy organic soil can absorb carbon from the atmosphere and thus help reduce carbon gas emissions.

Sustainable use of water

The organic cultivation of organic cotton relies much more often on rainwater, it is grown in areas that are naturally very rich in rain. Thanks to biodiversity and conservation, the soil can retain water much more efficiently.


Organic cotton is in no way genetically modified. We still cannot determine how large and harmful effects genetically modified substances can have on human health and the environment. Therefore, it is always better to choose an organic certified option.

Social responsibility

GOTS certified organic cotton ensures that farmers have fair conditions and receive a fair reward for their work. The same applies to the people who process the cotton afterwards.

Organic organic cotton has proven to bring many advantages over conventional cotton. By choosing organic cotton clothing, you contribute to the improvement of the fashion industry, to the promotion of ethical equality and fair conditions, while at the same time protecting your health and our planet. We are proud that in ADVA products you will find only strictly certified GOTS organic cotton and, more recently, organic cotton, which is grown by regenerative farming.

Thank you for working with us to contribute to a more sustainable and fairer future.

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