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Winter coat: Investment for life

Zimní kabát: Investice na celý život

Learn the signs of quality in a winter coat and why our "Beyond Ordinary" coat is so special.

With winter approaching, each of us thinks about the question of how to choose the right and ideal winter coat. We want a coat that will not only keep us warm, but also be timeless and last for many seasons. A winter coat is a lifetime investment, and that's why it's important to know which coat is the right one and why you should choose ours.

Sheep's wool coat: Quality starts with the material

The first step to recognizing a quality coat is the material it is made of. Our coat is made from luxurious 100% organic wool. Organic wool is not only soft and pleasant to the touch, but also kind to nature and, above all, to your health. Sheep wool is naturally insulating and keeps you warm even on the coldest days. Material should never be skimped on, so we recommend avoiding coats with polyester and polyamide admixtures.

Transparent: Tells a story

Our organic wool comes from a small regenerative farm in Germany that specializes in Gotland sheep. The wool from this farm is then processed locally in Germany, ensuring a regional and ethical approach to production. With us, you can be sure that the entire process is truly environmentally friendly and, above all, transparent. Read more about the story behind our coat here.

Precise processing: Local production

Every detail on a quality winter coat should be thought out. From design to final processing. The Beyond Ordinary coat is based on honest tailoring and men's cut. That is also why our lady tailor, who has several years of experience with men's fashion, sews it. Details such as an internal button pocket or hand-embroidered buttonholes make our winter coat a luxurious piece.

Timeless cut: Sustainable luxury

With a winter coat, you want to make sure it's a piece you'll enjoy pulling out of your closet season after season. That is also why you should invest in a design that is timeless and fits you like a glove. The Beyond Ordinary coat has a double-breasted oversized cut that is based on a timeless classic and is elegant. This silhouette never peeks and allows you to wear the coat both buttoned up and open. You can also highlight it with a belt and give it a completely different styling. In addition, we adapted its design so that you can comfortably wear a large sweater under it in really cold outdoor temperatures.

Investment: Responsibility and quality

When you choose a winter coat, you invest primarily in quality. Despite the higher initial costs, it is a worthwhile investment. Why buy a new coat every year when you can choose the right piece right from the start? Our "Beyond the Ordinary" coat is not just a fashion accessory, it's a lifetime investment. You buy it once, and it will keep you warm and happy for many years to come. And with proper care, we believe that it is a piece that will be inherited by future generations.

So why compromise? Choose a quality, sustainable and timeless coat that will be with you for a lifetime.


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