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Meeting Zuzana: Searching for Beauty and the Meaning of Life in Sustainability

Setkání se Zuzanou: Hledání Krásy a Smyslu Života v Udržitelnosti

Calm nature, quiet sunsets and the timeless beauty of sustainable fashion - these are some of the things that connect Zuzana and our brand. For our interview today, I caught up with the winner of our recent Instagram contest.

Together with Zuzana, we immersed ourselves in the world of fashion, sustainability and a little bit of personal development. Each of us women is unique and we each live our own story. We are incredibly happy to meet the inspiring ADVA women - because we create our sustainable pieces for you.

Read this inspiring interview and see not only the fashion world from Zuzan's point of view.


When did you start to realize that sustainability, not only in fashion, is important to you in life?

In 2014, I ran out of life energy. I was going through a burnout phase. That's when I realized how important it is to name what is and isn't really important in life. I made a commitment to "be a good person" and a rebound from the bottom came with the need to minimize everything around me, i.e. things, relationships, situations... Sustainability was key for me, even though it was not that popular in the Czech Republic at that time. I would like to emphasize that I perceive sustainability as a deepening transformation. I am maturing with age and, thanks to experience, I perceive my life needs and values ​​more strongly, which are then reflected in my own decisions, what I want and what I don't want, how I behave, what I do.

What is the most loved piece in your wardrobe?

I fell in love with the black and white wrap dress made of real silk. Their cut is timeless and the silk caresses me with every touch. I feel great in them.

For you, what is one piece of clothing that should not be missing in every woman's wardrobe and is worth investing in?

Perhaps surprisingly for some, I will say "nightwear." Even from my surroundings, I perceive how clothes are often neglected. And at the same time, I know nothing better than starting and ending the day in something beautiful and high-quality. It's a daily ritual for me. And in addition, at least for me, it has an effect on the quality of sleep.

You recently discovered that fashion and tailoring has a place in your family history. Has it influenced you in any way in your approach to fashion?

Yes, it was a big surprise. For me, sewing on a button is the pinnacle of my manual skills :-). I have all the more respect for people who have such a gift and create. I am interested in fashion. It is a form of self-expression, non-verbal communication, and at the same time there is a pinch of playfulness and spontaneity in it. And as you can see, I have some basis in the form of a sense of fashion, the contribution of my family, so I will respectfully explore other aspects of the beauty of clothing.

What made you slow down and move from the city to the Highlands?

As I already indicated, the body was crying for help, the soul needed healing. It was a kind of need for regeneration. Although I am an urban type, I love the culture around me, e.g. theater, concerts, exhibitions, beauty, beautiful surroundings..., nature in the Highlands offered me the peace, rest, and internalization that I so desperately needed. I draw strength from nature. I keep going back to my roots.

Your favorite ADVA piece?

Definitely The Magic is On dress. Love at first sight. They meet all my preferences. They are timeless, high-quality, feminine, stylish and original, simply "magical ".

Thank you very much for the location Alchymista Kávárná na Letná.

Photo: Dominika Schmidt
Model: Zuzana, wearing pieces from our latest collection. Beyond Ordinary Coat , Your Own Muse Skirt and Sweater , and Good Things Coming Dress


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