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PLANTING THE FUTURE We plant 1 tree for every product we sell.

our philosophy

ADVA was established so we could enjoy contemporary fashion without a second thought.

We wanted to make sure both the environment and the people working to create your garments are treated with respect. 


We treat all our suppliers as family, making sure the business is fair not only to you, our customers but to them as well, making sure all the people behind your garments do get treated fairly. This mutual understanding and respect are one of our core values, but in addition to that helps to keep the product quality where it needs to be and keeps the faces smiling.

With Love.

Each garment is designed in our studio

Our collections are minimalistic, sophisticated with clean silhouettes, and can be mix & match together. 

All of the styles we create can be dressed up and down.

We are focusing on working closely with our seamstresses – this has been one of Aneta’s main goals from the beginning.

Each sample is produced in our studio and after that, it goes to our production.

We care where our products are made and we are very proud that all ADVA pieces are mindfully made in the UK and the Czech Republic. Being close to our production means that we can visit our seamstresses regularly. 


Sharing the story behind

We believe that transparency is the first step towards a more sustainable future. Each product we make has its own story. And we share it with you! Every ADVA garment has a QR code, as you scan it, you learn more about where it came from and who made it. 

In 2021, we've introduced ADVA garment cards. Those include information about the material your garment is made of and who made it. Radical transparency, that is what we are aiming for.

The story behind your piece is both responsible and ethical. 


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