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Studio Diary 02: Materials

organické materiály a látky, jak vybíráme
The search for materials is probably the most difficult part of the creation of the collection. ADVA has set complex sustainability criteria that we have to take into account, which is why searching for the right fabrics is a lengthy process.

Aiming for European fibres, making the material as local as possible and mono fibres are some of the most central values we follow. Thanks to several years of cooperation with producers in Germany and the Netherlands, we already know where to find quality organic cotton or Tencel. But sustainable development is unstoppable and constantly evolving, so we always try to source the best that is currently available to us.

"I think about materials from the very beginning. I know that we don't work with materials that contain elastane or use polyester zippers. I have to take all of that into account at the very beginning of the collection."

Fragility and feminine sensuality run through the new collection. In colour combinations of undyed cotton, cream and off-white or sandy beige. The certainty of tried and tested fabrics, the playfulness of the cuts, but still the simplicity - which is a trademark of the brand.

In addition to the tried and tested natural materials, there is also a new addition to the collection - unbrushed cotton, a lightweight, comfortable material ideal for the ADVA loungewear collection.For the first time we are also working with accessories such as buttons. Our buttons are certified and made of Corozo material. Corozo is a natural material extracted from the nuts of Tague trees from South America, made in Turkey.

"Since we are coming out with a new collection after almost two years, I wanted to go with tried and tested materials. The only tricky part was finding the right colours to bring out the idea of the whole collection. Thanks to the collaboration with our suppliers, this was successful."

Natural, certified, local and organic.

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