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Studio Diary 03: Design

Návrhářka ve svém ateliéru.

The process of designing and creating a collection is one of the most critical steps in sustainable and responsible fashion. Besides material selection, it is the design process itself that has the most influence on the lifespan and subsequent recyclability of a product.

"At ADVA, we always focus on quality to ensure that our products last in your wardrobe for as long as possible. The quality of the materials we choose and the timeless and minimalist design are our priorities."

We always start by designing our collections in the CLO 3D system. This allows us to minimize sampling and the samples we create in the studio are made from the final fabric, which is then used for photoshoots, studio fittings, and more. The entire collection comes to life digitally first and then, with minor adjustments, physically.

Designing for quality and easy recyclability is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. The simpler the design, the more complex the pattern needs to be to ensure a perfect fit where it should be. We don't use zippers, which only add to the burden at the end of a product's lifespan and during recycling. In our design process, we rely on timeless cuts and organic, certified elastics, which usually shape the product.

"In 2019, we bid farewell to elastane and blended materials, which can make the work easier. Since then, the collection design process has become more challenging but also more enjoyable. I have to search for and try out new shapes and cuts that will work with the new fabrics, even if you'll be wearing a particular piece from morning till evening."

Material testing is also an important step in the design process. Since we used materials in the SS23 collection that we have already tested multiple times, we were able to skip this step. However, every new material we use undergoes several months of testing before it is included in a new collection.

Only after creating the digital representation of the collection do we create the final samples. Our seamstress then creates patterns based on which the individual ADVA pieces are sewn according to your orders.

Ethically, responsibly, and with kindness.


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