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PINK EDITION Last piece available. The Magic Is On dress - variable, upcycled and ethical.

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Cost per Wear: The art of investing in your wardrobe

Cost per Wear: Umění investovat do svého šatníku

Cost per Wear. A concept that is closely linked to sustainability and value. The art of investing in a meaningful wardrobe is something that interests us at ADVA. After all, what you wear is more than just clothes; it's a reflection of your personal style, your values, and the impact you want to have on the world.

The magic of “Cost per Wear”

Imagine a coat that becomes more valuable with each subsequent wear, or a shirt that you've had for several years, yet remains perfectly stylish over time. That's the essence of investing in pieces that really last.

“Cost per Wear” is a simple way to calculate the value of clothing over time. It is calculated simply - the price of a piece of clothing is divided by the number of wears. This concept is meant to help us detach from the price tag and be more interested in the utility and quality of the given piece. In this way, we can easily calculate and justify the investment in higher quality and more sustainable pieces, which may have a higher initial cost, but will turn out to be more economical and environmentally friendly over time.

Our Beyond Ordinary winter coat and timeless shirts exemplify this philosophy. These pieces are designed to be worn and cared for over many seasons, meaning their cost per wear is extremely low over time.

Wool coat, Investment in quality

A winter coat is one of the key pieces of the wardrobe, for which we should not hesitate and pay extra for quality. What is the specific “Cost per Wear” of our Beyond Ordinary woolen winter coat?

Let's assume that we will take care of the coat, we will not burden it with dry cleaning and we will have it in the wardrobe for an average of 7 years. Winter usually lasts from November to March, i.e. 5 months - we will therefore wear a coat 90 days a year on average (we calculate that not every winter month will be this cold). So how much does one wear cost us?

Price / Number of wears = Cost per wear
17,090 CZK / 630 = 27 CZK

But it is more than likely that the Beyond Ordinary coat will last you at least 10 years. In that case, the price for wearing it once would be even less.

"I've had my first ADVA coat since 2019, I've been wearing it for several winters and basically all the time. It survived the unpredictable Scottish winter and is still as good as new. I can't let go of our organic wool, which is why I keep coming back to it when designing new winter coats." Aneta

Quality is more than quantity

The real value of a garment does not lie in its price, but above all in its versatility, quality and durability. In the long term, we strive to design pieces that are a meaningful investment in your timeless wardrobe and at the same time an investment in a more sustainable future. Remember that a quality wardrobe is the key to a timeless lifestyle.