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How to care for organic cotton clothes?

jak pečovat o oblečení z organické bavlny, krémový set šatů a mikiny

Sustainability isn't just limited to buying organic cotton clothing. The key to sustainability is extending the life of a piece of clothing we already have in our wardrobe through proper care.

Organic cotton is a wonderful material that is breathable, durable, gentle on your skin and at the same time its production saves the environment. However, it is also prone to shrinkage and loss of quality if handled improperly. We have prepared tips for you on how to properly care for your organic organic cotton pieces.

1. Low washing temperatures are essential

Always wash clothes made of organic organic cotton in cold water. Heat can cause cotton fibers to shrink and lose their shape. A gentle wash cycle will help prevent excessive wear and tear on the fabric. We recommend washing at a maximum of 30 degrees.

2. Avoid harsh chemicals

Choose gentle and, above all, ecological detergents. Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton has not been treated with chemicals to resist wear and tear, so harsh chemicals can damage the fabric. Look for detergents without dyes, chlorine and artificial fragrances.

3. Air dry if possible

Organic cotton is best air-dried. The high heat from the dryer can cause shrinkage and can deteriorate the fabric more quickly. To avoid creasing, smooth the garment and lay it flat to dry.

4. Store properly in your wardrobe

To keep the vibrant colors of your organic cotton clothes, store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Fold heavier items like sweaters instead of hanging them to avoid stretching.

5. Gentle ironing and steaming

Organic cotton may require ironing from time to time. Make sure you use the correct temperature setting - cotton usually requires a high setting, but it's a good idea to start on a lower temperature and gradually increase it if necessary to avoid damaging the fabric. In the case of our tracksuits, we recommend using steam irons. The steam will beautifully restore the shape of your tracksuit, which will be like new.

6. Always refer to the care label

Before you start, check the label on your ADVA piece. It contains specific instructions for washing and drying according to the characteristics of the fabric. Organic cotton often has specific care instructions to maintain its quality. If you cut off the label, each of our products has a QR code that will take you to a page on how to properly care for the product.

Organic cotton is one of our most popular materials. We love that we can offer you clothing collections that do not compromise on style or quality . With proper care, you can extend the life of your organic clothing and support our mission to promote sustainable fashion and a return to slow values. By purchasing and properly caring for organic organic cotton clothing, you not only protect your health, but also support ethical agricultural practices and a healthier environment.

Let's cherish and protect these pieces together.


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