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New mission. Regenerative fashion.

Světle modré oversized šaty s řasenými rukávy z organické bavlny.

A few days ago we celebrated the 6th anniversary of our brand and now we enter another year where we embark on a new path with a mission that takes us a step further in the field of ethical and sustainable fashion. ADVA has always been a symbol of timelessness and minimalist fashion, carefully produced from organic and certified materials with a sustainable approach. We are continuing our journey, and with our transparency in the entire production process and quality clothing, we are embarking on a new mission - regenerative fashion .

What is a regenerative future?

A regenerative future means actively renewing and renewing our natural resources. Regeneration absolutely goes beyond sustainability as it ensures that we leave nature and the environment in a better state than it was. It focuses on the environment, community support and locality.

In the context of fashion, a regenerative approach means that we work hard to improve soil health, increase biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our manufacturing processes. This allows us to create kind, timeless pieces while actively contributing to the health of our planet.

Everything That Moves - our first regenerative product

We are excited that the first step towards our new mission is the introduction of our first regenerative product - the "Everything That Moves" organic cotton dress.

The journey of these dresses begins on regenerative farms in Uganda, where cotton is grown organically without harmful chemicals and pesticides. The farms are located in places that are naturally rich in water and rain, so growing it does not result in unnecessary water consumption and at the same time biodiversity is supported. Our partner actively supports the communities living in the surroundings and caring for the cotton plantations. Regenerative farms hold GOTS and Fair Trade certifications. The raw cotton is then transported to Germany, where it is carefully processed according to strict environmental standards. In the Czech Republic, the material is woven, all steps are certified by GOTS certification. By processing cotton locally, we not only support local production and communities, but also reduce the carbon emissions associated with long-term transportation.

The final product is then sewn for you by our experienced seamstress in Prague.

Our mission

Our mission of regenerative fashion naturally follows on from our 2019 mission, where we promised to use only monofilament materials to support the goal of circular and sustainable fashion. In addition, our products are and will be made to be as simple as possible recycle, they will also help to restore the environment.

In addition to organic cotton from Uganda, we also cooperate with our partners in Turkey, who already grow a certain part of their production using regenerative farming methods. Other materials that are regenerative include our regional certified organic wool from Germany and Belgian certified linen.

Join us

This new chapter is an exciting challenge for us to move ADVA and the local production of Czech fashion towards a more sustainable future. But it wouldn't be possible without you, our beloved customers. Remember that by choosing and buying, you are not just choosing a fashion brand, you are making a decision (however small) that can lead to change. Every purchase you make can make a difference and help create a better and regenerative future.

By supporting kind, local and regenerative fashion, together we can make a real difference.

Let's create a regenerative future, one kind product after another.


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