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Dámské letní šaty z tencelu v mintové barvě na ramínka.
Romantické dámské letní šaty z tencelu v mintové barvě na ramínka.
Dámské letní šaty do A z tencelu v mintové barvě na ramínka.
Dámské letní šaty z tencelu v mintové barvě na ramínka.
Dámské letní šaty z tencelu v mintové barvě na ramínka.
Romantické dámské letní šaty z tencelu v mintové barvě na ramínka.

Like a Dream dress with slit

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Dress with wide straps with a slit in the front

Dress with wide straps in our new woven material Tencel. Elegant lightness, loose A-line cut. They have a V-neckline in the front, while a deep slit in the front further enhances the loose look. The linear silhouette makes them a very romantic piece.

- V-neckline
- Front slit
- Wide straps

100% Tencel™ (128 g/m²)

Our Tencel fiber comes directly from Lenzing Austria and is spun in Portugal. The fiber is made by a direct solvent process. Cellulose is extracted from wood (from FCS certified forests) and then added to a non-toxic solvent, filtered and pressed through spinnerets. Everything is made in a closed process. Our woven Tencel is light, soft and pleasant to the touch.
Textile origin: Portugal

Ethically made in the UK.

Our model is wearing a size M (she's a size S).

Size S
Length: 112 cm / Back length: 113 cm
Front part length (from shoulder): Length (from shoulder): 34cm
Chest: 44cm
Size M
Front length: 112cm / Back length: 113cm
Front bodice length (from shoulder): 36cm (length from shoulder)
Chest: 47cm


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Like a Dream dress with slit

$132.00 USD Regular price $205.00 USD

Renewable resource

... you help support the development of circular practices. The wood for Tencel™ fibers comes from FSC certified forests. The final fabrics are certified as compostable and biodegradable, so they can be fully returned to nature.

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You support local fashion

... you support local and responsible fashion . Our products are made from European materials in the Czech Republic always ethically and with respect for nature.

You are betting the future help us support EDEN projects around the world. For every piece you buy, we will plant a tree for you, which offsets the carbon footprint caused by the production of the product.

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How to best care for your new piece?

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Our products are usually offered in SL sizes.

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We send orders in recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes or envelopes.

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