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jak pečovat o oblečení z organické bavlny, krémový set šatů a mikiny

How to care for organic cotton clothes?

Proper care extends the life of organic cotton clothing and increases environmental friendliness. Washing at low temperatures, using organic detergents, air drying and proper storage methods are essential to maintain...

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Světle modré oversized šaty s řasenými rukávy z organické bavlny.

New mission. Regenerative fashion.

We celebrate our 6th anniversary by unveiling a new mission: towards a regenerative future. With a solid foundation in Czech and sustainable fashion, we go one step further. Discover how...

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Návrhářka ve svém ateliéru.

Studio Diary 03: Design

The process of designing and creating a collection is one of the most critical steps in sustainable and responsible fashion. Besides material selection, it is the design process itself that...

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Vanilková lněná košile a lněné kraťasy v přírodě.

Regenerative Fashion: Is it our future?

This article explores the concept of regenerative fashion and its potential to be the future of the fashion industry. It delves into the transformation from sustainability to regeneration, describing regenerative...

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organické materiály a látky, jak vybíráme

Studio Diary 02: Materials

The search for materials is probably the most difficult part of the creation of the collection. ADVA has set complex sustainability criteria that we have to take into account, which...

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Módní návrhář v práci při studiu a navrhování nové kolekce

The Studio Diary 01: Inspiration

In the new Studio Diary series, our creative director Aneta will share with you her process in creating a collection from the original concept, design, to the final product.

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